• Instantaneous production of domestic hot water via stainless steel coil, type AISI 316L
  • Minimum 28 liters of domestic hot water stored in the coil for instantaneous use (quick start)
  • Maximum operating pressure of the stainless steel coil - 10 bars
  • Maximum operating temperature of the stainless steel coil - 95 degrees
  • Highly efficient PU insulation
  • Low pressure buffer tanks (3 bars), designed to storage and distribute energy from up to 4 different heat sources
  • Option for installation of 4 thermal sensors
  • Maximum domestic hot water flow with a fully heated buffer tank 1500-1700 l/h
Capacity 470 L
Net weight 110 kg
Insulation 50 mm
Heat losses ∆T 45K 95 W
Energy class C
operational temperature
95 °C
Maximum operational temperature of the heat exchanger 95 °C
Rated pressure of the water tank 3 bar
Rated pressure of the heat exchanger 10 bar
Diameter 750 mm
Surface hygienic heat exchanger 5 m²
Nominal volume hygienic heat exchanger 26 L