ModEco series → ModEco Cloud

ModEco series → ModEco with a heat exchanger

ModEco series → ModEco with two heat exchangers

ModEco series → Modeco Classic horizontal with a heat exchanger

Anticalc series →

BiLight series → BiLight with two heat exchangers

BiLight series → BiLight Horizontal with heat exchangers

BiLight series → BiLight Inox

BiLight series → BiLight Inox Slim

MaxEau→ Maxeau Ceramic

MaxEau→ MaxEau Ceramic with Heat exchanger

MaxEau→ MaxEau

MaxEau→ MaxEau Floor

MaxEau→ MaxEau Hybrid

HP 1.1 → "All in one" heat pump and storage tank for domestic hot water production without heat exchangers

Electric Convectors→ HomeEco Cloud (CN 024) with control via Internet

Electric Convectors→ HomeEco (CN 024) with an electronic thermoregulator

Electric Convectors→HomeEco (CN 024) with a mechanical thermoregulator

Portable electric convectors→ Floor heaters

Bathroom heaters → Bathroom heaters

Fan heaters → Floor fan heaters

Fan heaters → Wall-mounted fan heaters