The Research and Training Center is an important step in TESY’s development. This is an innovative project launched in early 2017. The center includes a new modern laboratory, training and presentations hall for the company employees and partners. The research, technical analyses and certification testing of electrical volumetric and instantaneous water heaters and home heating appliances will provide us with the inspiration, charge and energy needed to generate ideas for the next steps in the innovative company development and allow us to build up trusting and lasting partner relations. To this end, the Research and Training Center provides an environment promoting values ​​and technical excellence sharing that will serve as a starting point for future projects where imagination wont’ be bound by any boundaries.

Everyone has the opportunity to share, create, learn, demonstrate projects, dream. New jobs are provided. The entire project concept is open to partnerships, sharing and discussion, including the concept of an open-box interior design, in which everyone can take a look and learn more about TESY.